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About Us

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Kevin Nelson

QLifts specialize in high quality lifts for those needing assistance: platform lifts, stair lifts, vehicle lifts, elevators, ramps, pool lifts, and bath lifts. We offer an extensive selection of accessibility and mobility products. QLifts began its work servicing veterans, but now support seniors and people of all ages.

QLifts delivers quality, satisfaction, and freedom every day.


At QLifts, we believe that having increased independence can vastly improve your quality of life. Our goal and our passion is to provide you with proven products, lowest prices, superior 24/7 customer service, and free shipping on orders over $100 to the lower 48 states. The right accessibility and mobility solutions can transform your life. We hope you enjoy browsing through our site, but mostly we hope that the products you select will bring you complete satisfaction. You have our guarantee that it will. QLifts look forward to serving you!

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