Alenti Standard with Scale, Battery Powered

Part Number: CDB8153-01
MSRP: $8,768.49
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Alenti Standard without Scale, Battery Powered

Part Number: CDB8103-01
MSRP: $7,027.90

ArjoHuntleigh Basic Shower Trolley

Part Number: BAB5000-01
MSRP: $4,256.28

ArjoHuntleigh Calypso

Part Number: CDB7023-01
MSRP: $5,469.38

ArjoHuntleigh Carendo

Part Number: BIB2003-01
MSRP: $7,530.40
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ArjoHuntleigh Carino

Part Number: BOC1003-01
MSRP: $4,721.34

ArjoHuntleigh Carmina

Part Number: BLB2000-013
MSRP: $4,156.40

ArjoHuntleigh Carmina, Basic

Part Number: BLB1000-013
MSRP: $3,116.00

ArjoHuntleigh Concerto Shower Trolley (Extended Length)

Part Number: BAB3000-01
MSRP: $ 0.00

ArjoHuntleigh Concerto Shower Trolley - Electric

Part Number: BAB1103-01
MSRP: $7,672.95

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