Ceiling Lifts

FL FixedSavaria FL fixed lift

The Savaria fixed ceiling lift was designed from the ground up for simplicity and purpose. It’s thoughtful design to meet the needs of the patient and the caregiver.
We looked at everything. We knew that we could make a better product by looking at the details and questioning ourselves on how to improve everything we could. Hearing that lifts are not reliable and ready to use is most often due to the old technology of lead acid batteries.

PL PortableSavaria PL portable lift

The Savaria portable ceiling lift was designed from the ground up to be a truly portable lift – one that can be easily carried from room to room or place to place when needed. At the heart of the system, a lithium battery system delivers patient lifting power with significantly less product weight than industry competitors.

GantryGantry for portable lift

Assembles in minutes to create a sturdy, yet simple structure for the Savaria gantry portable lift. The Savaria gantry stand is perfect for locations where fixed track is not an option, or when the need is short term. Combined with the portable lift, it is easy to lift the patient from bed to wheelchair and back to bed. The low profile feet allow the wheelchair an easier navigation path.

FastTrackFastTrack System

Savaria FastTrack is designed for easier installation with a patented track bracket and tool design to assure the installer that brackets are secure with a simple turn. With a full array of track and hardware, configurations for virtually room design can be accommodated. From wood, to concrete or steel, Savaria offers complete hardware to suit the structural requirements.

SlingsCeiling Lift Slings

Savaria offers a range of sling types and sizes to suit most patients and needs. The universal track systems sling features adjustable head support and breathable mesh fabric. For bath and toileting needs, choose the narrow cut hygienic sling with solid fabric for easy cleaning. A walking sling is also available for those using the ceiling lift in an assistive device capacity for rehabilitation needs.